In 2012 Tart Bites Bakery introduced the exquisite decadence of hand-crafted tartlets that win fans in a single bite. Since then, our extraordinary desserts and impeccable service have endeared thousands of customers to our offerings. With our growing fan base, our bakery grew as well and we set up shop in 2014 in a gorgeous courtyard with a garden and fountain that provides an escape from the bustling city around us. Our owners’ European heritage comes through not only in the design of our elegant boutique but also in the tiny details on even every day desserts.

Our team of designers, cake artists and pastry chefs pride themselves in the edible artistry created in our bakery. From multi-tiered, custom wedding cakes, to elaborate recreations of themes or memorabilia, our cakes are as show-stopping as they are delicious.

Come in and visit our boutique bakery or give us a call and let us help make your special celebration memorable.